The OER this week will focus on Artificial Intelligence in the context of education, current applications, and in the long term. AI research is highly dynamic; constantly changing, adapting, and being used in different fields. While being leveraged for tasks that require a high level of creativity and complexity, keep in mind that current AI uses don’t require much ethical awareness.

Paul and myself hope that the information we present this week gives you a sense of clarity on the role of AI in education, your environment, and what the future holds for investment potential and ventures globally.

Each section below is targeted for each day of the week starting today.



I am passionate about learning, travelling, and enjoy technology in all forms. I work for the University of Toronto in human resources focusing on professional development for staff. I am currently completing my MET (3 courses to go), and hoping to leverage my recent education to change attitudes, break down traditional barriers at work, and highlight new and upcoming tech that can improve enhancement of skills at any age and at any level in my work place.


I am currently working as a district tech teach in the Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia. My MET journey started last January, and I am currently working on my second and third courses of the program. I enjoy learning and have been very interested in developing coding proficiency as part of my professional development path. I hope that we have delivered an OER which is useful to you. I do appreciate your time and effort in engaging with the materials we have put together.